Construct an explanation that predicts patterns of interactions among organisms across multiple ecosystems.

  1. Animals

    Snake blood boosts mouse heart

    Scientists find that a mouse’s heart swells in the presence of python blood.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Worms, your unlikely allies

    Parasites show promise in treating immune disorders.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Microbes in the music

    A new study finds germs linger on musical instruments.

  4. Animals

    Secrets of the world’s extreme divers

    For emperor penguins and other animals, being able to hold their breath the longest could be in the blood

  5. Animals

    There’s no ‘i’ in elephant

    These clever mammals may know when two trunks are better than one.

  6. Plants

    Carnivorous plants say ‘cheese’

    It took high-speed cameras to reveal how the bladderwort gets lunch.

  7. Environment

    Cleaning up fish farms

    Although fish farms can supply lots of food, these operations may also cause pollution and hurt wild populations.

  8. Fossils

    Dinosaur Eggs-citement

    Scientists have found dinosaur eggs, with their shells on, inside a female dino fossil.

  9. Animals

    A microbe nanny for young wasps

    A smear of bacteria helps baby wasps survive infancy.

  10. Environment

    Alien invasions

    Around the world, plants, animals, fungi, and other life forms are ending up in places where they don't belong.

  11. Animals

    Baboons listen for who’s tops

    Baboons can tell who's in charge by the sound of voices alone.

  12. Genetics

    Baby swaps, crime scenes, and DNA testing

    By looking at animal DNA, investigators are solving crimes and conservationists are helping save endangered species.