Construct an argument supported by empirical evidence that changes to physical or biological components of an ecosystem affect populations.

  1. Environment

    Explainer: How and why fires burn

    A fire’s colorful flame results from a chemical reaction known as combustion.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Intel STS finalist finds new flu fighters

    Intel Science Talent Search finalist Eric Chen used a computer simulation to narrow down chemical targets to fight influenza. The drugs that he identified could be the next big weapons against flu.

  3. Microbes

    Arctic thaw is spreading wildlife diseases

    Polar animals are encountering new, killer parasites as melting ice unlocks their access to new hosts.

  4. Animals

    First living fish leaves ‘endangered’ list

    Twenty-one years ago, a minnow facing a high risk of extinction was placed on the U.S. Endangered Species List. With help from scientists, the fish appears to have largely recovered. It’s the first ‘listed’ fish to do so.

  5. Life

    Caught in the act

    Scientists observe some evolutionary speed demons as they adapt over the course of just a few years to new environmental conditions.

  6. Chemistry

    A plant enemy’s enemy

    Plants use chemicals to recruit help in fighting off pests.

  7. Genetics

    What’s on your genes?

    Tiny genetic switches create big differences.

  8. Animals

    An enemy in the cave

    Bats under attack from a fungus send scientists searching for clues to solve a deadly mystery.

  9. Oceans

    Sea changes

    Carbon dioxide is making the oceans more acidic.

  10. Climate

    A change in climate

    Global warming may be wiping out some plants and animals or pushing them into new habitats.

  11. Environment

    A vulture’s hidden enemy

    Vultures may be getting a deadly dose of medicine from the carcasses they feed upon.

  12. Animals

    City birds hit the high notes

    Some songbirds battle traffic noise by singing at a higher pitch.