1. Earth

    The oldest place on Earth

    Antarctica may seem like the dead continent, but it once bustled with life — a little of which still survives.

  2. Plants

    Ancient flower blooms again

    Scientists have found the fruit of an ancient plant that had been frozen underground in Siberia — a region covering central and eastern Russia — for about 31,800 years. Using pieces of the fruit, the scientists grew plants in a lab. The new blooms have delicate white petals. They are also the oldest flowering plants that researchers have ever revived from a deep freeze.

  3. Plants

    Carnivorous plants say ‘cheese’

    It took high-speed cameras to reveal how the bladderwort gets lunch.

  4. Plants

    Supersizing pumpkins

    Engineers model extreme growth in fruits.

  5. Plants

    Surprise Visitor

    Newly discovered cricket pollinates orchids in nighttime rendezvous.

  6. Plants

    Flower family knows its roots

    Impatiens wildflowers seem to know who's sharing their soil.

  7. Plants

    The man who rocked biology to its core

    Two hundred years later, Charles Darwin's ideas still live on.

  8. Animals

    Hungry bug seeks hot meal

    A seed-loving insect finds food by sensing its temperature.

  9. Animals

    A ‘book’ on every living thing

    The biggest encyclopedia ever, with an entry for every living species, is available now at a computer near you.

  10. Plants

    Flytrap machine

    Inspired by the Venus flytrap, scientists have invented a material that might improve human lives.

  11. Plants

    Seeds of the Future

    Around the world, scientists are putting seeds to sleep for up to thousands of years.

  12. Plants

    The Book of Life

    Work has begun on a Web site called the Encyclopedia of Life, which aims to catalog every species on Earth.