Engineering Design

  1. Teens share what inspired them in STEM

    What inspires kids to pursue science, technology, engineering and math? These teens share their stories.

  2. Brain

    Eyes offer new window into Alzheimer’s disease

    The eye’s retina is distinctly different in people with Alzheimer’s disease compared to those with no signs of the malady, two teens now report finding. It could lead to earlier diagnosis of the brain disease.

  3. Taking science to the track

    An athlete took on science research with a few friends and a heart monitor.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Keeping samples cool without electricity

    When vaccines and blood get too warm or cold, they can become useless. Two teens invented ways to keep their temperatures just right, no matter where they are.

  5. Animals

    What medicine can learn from squid teeth

    Scientists have identified what makes a squid's sucker teeth so strong. The findings may one day prove useful in medicine.

  6. Health & Medicine

    The cool science of hot peppers

    Why are chili peppers spicy? Why does anyone crave food that burns? Uncovering this fiery veggie’s secrets could help fight pain and obesity.

  7. Computing

    DNA can now store images, video and other types of data

    Tiny test tubes might one day replace sprawling data-storage centers, thanks to a new way to encode and retrieve information on strands of synthetic DNA.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Headed to a concert this summer? Pack earplugs

    Wearing earplugs at concerts and other loud events may prevent hearing loss and permanent ear damage, a new study suggests.

  9. Tech

    How to make window ‘glass’ from wood

    Scientists have come up with a way to make wood transparent. The new material could be used in everything from windows to packaging.

  10. Physics

    Sunlight + gold = steaming water (no boiling needed)

    Nano-gold is the new black, at least when it comes to absorbing heat. When tiny gold particles get together, they become energy super-absorbers — turning them black.

  11. A paper microscope magnifies on the go

    Classroom microscopes can be clunky and costly. An inventor has designed one so small, tough and cheap that it can go home in every kid’s backpack.

  12. Tech

    Tiny microrobots team up and move full-size car

    Researchers have just created robots that mimic the ability of ants to move super-large objects.