Engineering Design

  1. Tech

    Implant traps cancer cells on the move

    A device implanted under the skin extended the life of mice with breast cancer. It trapped injected cancer cells before they created tumors in organs throughout the body.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Simpler way to screen for hidden hearing loss?

    Many teens today walk around with undiagnosed hearing damage. But some Boston-based researchers have come up with a low-tech approach to screening these individuals so they can get help.

  3. Animals

    These young inventors had to make like a crab

    This year’s top challenge for Broadcom MASTERS finalists was to design and build a robotic arm based on a crab’s arm and claw.

  4. Fossils

    Speckled dino spurs debate about ancient animals’ colors

    Structures found in fossil dinosaur skin may give clues to the creatures’ colors and how they lived. But not all scientists agree on how to interpret what they see.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Milking chocolate for its health benefits

    Researchers figure out how to give milk chocolate the same health benefits as dark chocolate. The secret ingredient is an extract from peanut skin.

  6. Climate

    Predicting a wildfire with data from space

    When the West gets dry it can catch fire. A teen decided to find out if satellite data might show where a fire’s fuel might reside.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Could toothpaste give heart disease the brush-off?

    Brushing with a toothpaste that dyes plaque green encourages people to remove more of it. This also lowered inflammation, which may cut someone’s risk of heart disease.

  8. Agriculture

    Teen develops water-saving pods for seeds

    In California’s drought, every drop of water counts. A teen developed a capsule to keep sprouting seeds wet and reduce water use.

  9. Tech

    Hack: How to spy on a 3-D printer

    Computer scientists have found that a hacker can eavesdrop on a 3-D printer using a smartphone. The technique uses sound and energy data produced by the printer.

  10. Teen prints a device to help keep wounds dry

    A Broadcom MASTERS finalist invented a sensor that goes off when a wound is too wet. This would alert a patient it’s time to change their bandage.

  11. Environment

    Arctic Sea could be ice-free by 2050

    Everyone contributes to the melting of Arctic sea ice, and all are in danger of making summer ice disappear there completely by 2050, a new study finds.

  12. Environment

    Vaping may put your smile at risk

    As e-cigarette use among teens rises, scientists find that vaping may cause cellular damage to the mouth, gums and teeth. Even the cells’ DNA was affected.