Engineering Design

  1. Materials Science

    Beetles offer people lessons in moisture control

    Taking tricks from a beetle, researchers are designing surfaces that collect water from the air or resist frost buildup.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Will chicken cologne guard you from malaria?

    Mosquitoes that carry malaria are repelled by the smell of chickens. In malaria country, that could make these birds a human’s best friend.

  3. Materials Science

    Nano medicines take aim at big diseases

    Nanomedicines are new treatments and tools that are taking aim at disease from the cellular level. Medicine’s next big thing could be very teeny tiny.

  4. Chemistry

    Got milk? Roach milk could be a new superfood

    Scientists have just figured out the recipe for cockroach milk. And that could be a first step toward making it part of the human diet. Yum!

  5. Health & Medicine

    End of Latin America’s Zika epidemic is in sight

    A computer simulation suggests the Zika epidemic in Latin America is peaking and may not strike hard again for up to three decades.

  6. Health & Medicine

    New study raises questions about cell phone safety

    U.S. government study in rats links cell-phone radiation to a small increase in brain cancers and heart tumors. Some scientists now worry about lifetime risks to today’s children and teens.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Don’t use dinner-table spoons for liquid medicines!

    Kids are safer when parents use precise tools to measure liquid medicines. Switching from teaspoons to metric tools could help, a new study finds.

  8. Health & Medicine

    To remember something new: Exercise!

    People who exercised strenuously for a half hour after learning something new cemented those memories. But the trick: Wait four hours before getting the heart pumping vigorously.

  9. Chemistry

    E-cigs create toxic vapors from harmless e-liquids

    New study finds a primary source of toxic vaping compounds. It’s the heat-driven breakdown of the liquids that hold nicotine and flavorings. And older, dirtier e-cigs make higher amounts of the toxic chemicals.

  10. Tech

    Moral dilemma could limit appeal of driverless cars

    Driverless cars will have to be programmed to decide who to save in emergencies — passengers or pedestrians. Many people aren’t yet sure they are ready to choose cars that make the most moral decision.

  11. Chemistry

    Gasp! At the movies, your breaths reveal your emotions

    Researchers took air samples as they screened movies. What people exhaled were linked to film scenes’ emotional tone, they found.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Zika vaccines look promising

    As a Zika epidemic surges through Brazil and northward, scientists are looking for drugs to keep more people from becoming infected. Several vaccines show promise in early tests — but none has yet been tried in people.