Engineering Design

  1. Health & Medicine

    Snot Science: Taking mucus to the next level

    There’s more to science than just squirting snot. It’s time to place data in context and figure out how to take my boogers to the next level.

  2. Genetics

    World’s tallest corn towers nearly 14 meters

    Short nights and a genetic tweak helped novel corn reach record heights.

  3. Space

    Movie, book illuminate Hidden Figures from the space race

    A new movie and book showcase the hidden heroes of the space race — the mathematicians who crunched the numbers.

  4. Tech

    Speedy, springy robot ‘Salto’ catches some serious air

    A lightweight robot nicknamed “Salto” can bound from floor to wall and back. Such fast and agile bots may someday aid in search-and-rescue operations.

  5. Computing

    Computer hackers take to the cloud

    People use cloud computing for storing files online. A new study shows the dark side of the cloud: These services can harbor malware.

  6. Physics

    Wind power gets downsized — but in a good way

    Two young scientists have developed ways to tap into wind power on a small scale.

  7. Tech

    Fingers leave tell-tale clues about you on your phone

    Analyzing chemicals on a cell phone tells researchers what the caller had been up to. That includes recent meals and where they'd been.

  8. Math

    Cool Jobs: Motion by the numbers

    What do car crash testers, video game creators and scientists who study athletic performance have in common? All use geometry in their cool jobs.

  9. Materials Science

    3-D printers offer better way to make some magnets

    3-D printers produced magnets as strong as conventional ones with less material wasted.

  10. Tech

    Star Trek technology becomes more science than fiction

    On Star Trek, the characters used devices that seemed wild, futuristic and impossible. But those sci-fi gadgets are inspiring real-world, useful inventions.

  11. How not to grin and bear it

    Three teen researchers who took part in this year’s Broadcom MASTERS competition seek to help those who clench and grind their teeth.

  12. Psychology

    What makes a pretty face?

    Beautiful faces are symmetrical and average. Do we prefer them because this makes them easier for our brains to process?