Design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity.

  1. Earth

    Mining metals amidst seafloor animals

    Miners may need to get their feet — and everything else — wet as they carefully seek out loads of copper and other valuable natural resources.

  2. Life

    Caught in the act

    Scientists observe some evolutionary speed demons as they adapt over the course of just a few years to new environmental conditions.

  3. Climate

    Watching our seas rise

    Satellites, coral reefs, ancient Roman fishponds and sinking cities help us understand how humans are changing sea level.

  4. Animals

    Tiny earthworms’ big impact

    Invasive earthworms change North American landscapes, for better or worse.

  5. Animals

    Big fish in troubled waters

    Overfishing cuts number of large predator fish in the ocean.

  6. Oceans

    Sea changes

    Carbon dioxide is making the oceans more acidic.

  7. Environment

    Cleaning up fish farms

    Although fish farms can supply lots of food, these operations may also cause pollution and hurt wild populations.

  8. Climate

    Arctic algae show climate change

    Sediment from Arctic lakes shows that much of the Northern Hemisphere has been warming for many decades.

  9. Climate

    A change in climate

    Global warming may be wiping out some plants and animals or pushing them into new habitats.

  10. Environment

    A vulture’s hidden enemy

    Vultures may be getting a deadly dose of medicine from the carcasses they feed upon.