Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem with sufficient precision to ensure a successful solution, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment that may limit possible solutions.

  1. Brain

    Studying? Don’t answer that text!

    Homework time? Put away the cell phone. Responding to texts gets in the way of learning and test-taking, teen researchers show.

  2. Animals

    Return of the bed bug

    Bed bugs have staged a comeback over the past 15 years. The bloodsucking parasites succeeded through a combination of evolution and luck.

  3. Tech

    Cool Jobs: Big future for super small science

    Scientists using nanotechnology grow super-small but very useful tubes with walls no more than a few carbon atoms thick. Find out why as we meet three scientists behind this huge new movement in nanoscience.

  4. Agriculture

    Ditching farm pollution — literally

    An Indiana project shows how fighting fertilizer runoff can save farmers money, protect wild habitats and prevent harmful algae blooms.

  5. Plants

    Desert plants: The ultimate survivors

    Creosote, mesquite and other desert plants rely on different adaptations to thrive, even when no rain falls for an entire year.

  6. Computing

    Virtual wounds: Computers probe healing

    To better understand how the body heals wounds, scientists have begun creating computer programs that let virtual cells fight it out. These ‘computer games’ could lead to better medicines.

  7. Brain

    Magnets may make helmets safer

    Magnets in sports helmets could repel players’ heads as they move toward a collision. This should reduce the risk of the hard hits that lead to concussions.

  8. Tech

    Explainer: What is 3-D printing?

    A new type of computer printer is already doing a lot more than spraying ink onto paper. Some dispense metal, plastic, food — even cells. In short order, people may be able to manufacture almost anything from their home or office.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Fist bumps cleaner than handshakes

    A handshake, while welcoming, can transmit lots of germs — many times more than a high five or, especially, a fist bump.

  10. Tech

    Fashioning inks to ‘print’ tissues

    3-D printing may one day create life-saving tissues and organs for transplants. But first researchers are learning how to tailor cell-filled “inks” for use in inkjet printers.

  11. Tech

    A homemade bungee cord could save kids in hot cars

    Babies left in hot cars are in serious danger. A middle-school student invented a simple reminder to help parents keep their children safe.

  12. Space

    What to wear on Mars

    NASA released details of the new, more flexible apparel being designed for long-distance travelers — such as those bound for another planet.