Analyze data from tests to determine similarities and differences among several design solutions to identify the best characteristics of each that can be combined into a new solution to better meet the criteria for success.

  1. Agriculture

    Teen develops water-saving pods for seeds

    In California’s drought, every drop of water counts. A teen developed a capsule to keep sprouting seeds wet and reduce water use.

  2. Teen prints a device to help keep wounds dry

    A Broadcom MASTERS finalist invented a sensor that goes off when a wound is too wet. This would alert a patient it’s time to change their bandage.

  3. Teen studies better cleaning through chemistry

    Why do we use hot water and soap to get things clean? To find out, a teen invented a way to measure surface tension.

  4. Teen gets fired up about Christmas tree safety

    A deadly Christmas tree fire inspired one teen to study how a tree’s moisture level affects how easily it will ignite and burn.

  5. Materials Science

    Beetles offer people lessons in moisture control

    Taking tricks from a beetle, researchers are designing surfaces that collect water from the air or resist frost buildup.

  6. Animals

    Picking a better porch light

    Lights can vary in brightness and ‘color’ — even those that are sold as white. A new study tested which lights attracted the most bugs.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Flexible electronics track sweat

    A flexible, wireless health monitor that can wrap around the wrist tracks temperature and analyzes sweat to detect signs of too much water loss.

  8. Microbes

    Slime cities

    Biofilms are like tiny cities of bacteria — some harmless, others destructive. Scientists are learning how to keep these microscopic metropolises under control.

  9. Environment

    Insecticide can change a spider’s personality

    A chemical meant to kill moths affects the behavior of some spiders. It alters the spiders’ ability to capture prey — including those moths.

  10. Plants

    Using plants to solve environmental problems

    Problems in their communities suggested good research projects to three teens. Each wanted to tackle a different issue, from pollution to world hunger. To learn more about these issues, they turned to their local ponds, wetlands and gardens.

  11. Materials Science

    Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs

    Cool it! A cheap paint-on coating for roofing shingles could help reduce a home’s heating bills and might even trim urban ozone levels, a teen shows.

  12. Tech

    Making cents of sounds

    Some people give up when a vending machine rejects their money. But one student decided to turn his frustration into inspiration. Through research, he showed how to identify coins by the sounds they make.